Speaking of the true wild place in Tanzania, Gombe is one of them. When taking about the popularity of Gombe stream National Park you are speaking of Dr Jane Goodall in 1960 who came for the research that is believed to be the longest running study of primates in the world. As it was a game reserve, Gombe gained its conservation status and being upgraded to a national park in the 1968 and opened for tourism in 1978 after chimpanzee habituated to human visitor. The park is on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, the second deepest Lake in the Word. The park is located outside of the Kigoma town with the area of 52 Kilometers squares it makes it the second smallest national park in Tanzania.

The slopes of the Great Rift Valley with the evergreen forests standing on the bottom of the local valley support a wonderful diversity of wildlife, and habitat for chimpanzee. Gombe offers visitors the rare chance to observe the chimpanzee communities. A number of monkey species can also be seen, red colobus, baboons, velvet, and red-tail and blue monkeys and of the kind. Other than the monkeys, being in Gonbe National Park expects to see other primates such as the bush pigs and bushbucks.

The area of Gombe stream National Park is of heavy forest, making it an unsuitable habitat for carnivores and makes the park safe for walking safaris with the rewarding sightings for birdwatchers, walking safari, mountain hiking, chimpanzee trekking, butterfly gazing, filming. Furthermore the Lake offers an expansive area for sport fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and swimming.

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