Ruaha National park which is the largest National Park in Tanzania covering an area of 20,226 kilometer squares. It is located in south-central Tanzania and because of its size, the park is in a unique position, to be able to continue uninterrupted as it has always been an untouched, pristine eco-system, which, in today's worlds is not only something rare, but also special with the largest Elephant sanctuary than any of the National park in Tanzania. The Park lies between two large rivers of Great Ruaha River and Njombe.

During the dry season, when game viewing is at its best, animals are drawn to the Great Ruaha River and other water sources. the sand rivers (Mwagusi and the Mdonya rivers among others) which are now dry, have underground water reserves that the elephants know about, so often one can see the elephants digging holes to obtain this sweet water, which is also used by other creatures.

The park topography is of the lush plains, open grasslands, thickets, flood plains and woodland. With this topography the park is the best inhabitant for animals like buffalo, giraffe, impalas, gazelles, great kudu, roan and sable antelope, lesser kudu, hartebeest, hippos, common zebras, and warthog among other herbivores and the hunters such as leopard, cheetah, hunting dogs, lion, spotted hyena, fox whereas crocodile resting to the river banks. Nevertheless, with the Ruaha River there are population of birdlife which some are endemic species in East Africa along it which include rare raptorial eleonora's falcon and the migrating flocks, other species includes the marabou stork, dickinson's kestrel, bat hawk, European hobby, red necked falcon and the like.

Toueism activities are walking Safaris, Game Viewing, Night Game Drives, Bird Watching, Cultural tourism, bush meals, star gazing and picnicking.

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